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Dashboards utilize color, graphs, symbols, and charts to help users quickly and easily review critical data. This enables you to take an immediate pulse of each department and quickly pinpoint problems. By combining data from throughout the system, dashboards create a visual command center where you can monitor company performance and launch profitable initiatives. Since getting to the root of an issue may require more than a glance, each Dashboard includes multi-level drilldowns, so you can get your company back on track without ever leaving your chair. Each user may customize their dashboards by selecting from a list of available options. Some of the available options include:

  • Net Profit Performance
  • Cash Availability
  • Actual versus Budget Analysis
  • Late, Hot, and Shipped Jobs
  • Jobs Due Today
  • WIP and COGS Analysis
  • Idle and Underperforming Employees
  • Sales Metrics and Statistics
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